Project: atomswarm / Genetic Constants

Processing swarm classes with genetic and metabolic extensions.

Genome Indices

This set of constants are indices within an agent's gene array which represent various properties of the agents behaviour, accessed with atom.gene[G_XXXX]. Values are floats ranging across [0..1].

G_COLOUR Colour hue of agent's visual representation
G_SIZE Size of agent's visual representation
G_SHAPE Shape of agent's visual representation (not yet implemented)
G_AGE Rate at which agent ages
G_INT Tendency towards introspection
G_PERCEPTION Perception range
G_UP_S Rate of H_SEROTONIN uptake
G_UP_M Rate of H_MELATONIN uptake
G_UP_T Rate of H_TESTOSTERONE uptake
G_UP_L Rate of H_LEPTIN uptake
G_UP_A Rate of H_ADRENALINE uptake
G_CYC_S Amplitude of H_SEROTONIN cycles
G_CYC_M Amplitude of H_MELATONIN cycles
G_CYC_T Amplitude of H_TESTOSTERONE cycles
G_CYC_L Amplitude of H_LEPTIN cycles
G_CYC_A Amplitude of H_ADRENALINE cycles
G_SON_GEN Determines sonic generator unit
G_SON_DSP Determines sonic processor unit
G_SON_TRIG_T Determines type of sonic trigger
G_SON_TRIG_THRESH Determines threshold point of sonic trigger
G_SON_TRIG_MODE Determines threshold point of sonic trigger
G_SON_MAP_FROM Parameter that sonic mapping is taken from
G_SON_MAP_TO Parameter that sonic mapping is applied to