Project: atomswarm / Metabolic Constants

Processing swarm classes with genetic and metabolic extensions.

Hormone Indices

This set of constants are indices within an agent's hormone array which contains the levels of each of a number of virtual hormones, accessed with atom.hormone[H_XXXX].

Values are floats ranging across [-1..1].

H_SEROTONIN Increases during 'day' cycles; decreases during 'night' cycles, and as a result of hunger. Causes a greater social attraction towards other agents.
H_MELATONIN Increases during 'night' cycles; decreases during 'day' cycles. Causes sluggishness of movement.
H_TESTOSTERONE Increases with age and crowdedness; decreases upon giving birth. Causes an increase in the likelihood of reproduction.
H_LEPTIN Increases upon eating 'food' deposits; decreases steadily at all other times. Signifies how well-fed an agent is, and causes downwards regulation of serotonin when depleted, plus greater attraction to food deposits.
H_ADRENALINE Increases with overcrowding; decreases as a result of internal regulation over time. Causes a greater rate and erraticness of movement.