Project: ofxSuperCollider

openFrameworks wrappers for SuperCollider server control.

icon Similar in spirit to p5_sc for Processing, ofxSuperCollider is an openFrameworks addon which simplifies the process of communicating with the SuperCollider synthesis engine.

Includes wrappers for synth, server, bus, buffer and group objects, with client-side resource allocation and (with some tweaking) notifications of server events such as buffer completion.

This should be seen as development-class code - your mileage may vary. To obtain the latest release, switch to your addons directory and check out from subversion with:

svn checkout

Requires the ofxOsc addon.


An example is included in the svn distribution. A series of SynthDefs are included in the top of testApp.cpp, which must be loaded into the SC server before you'll hear any sound. Also ensure that the included bell.aif is copied to your sketch's data dir.

Client notifications

To send clients notification of events such as the completion of a buffer-read process, SuperCollider depends on bidirectional sockets. At present, the public distribution of ofxOsc doesn't support this, and so the ready property of ofxSCBuffer objects will remain set to false indefinitely. For a hacked-up version which does include bidirectional sockets, download this archive and replace your current ofxOsc source (patched against v0.04).